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Document Capture by Continia

Continia Document Capture IA

CONTINIA R2 | 2023




  • ISV with more than 25 years of experience in Dynamics NAV/BC
  • HQ in Denmark - Home of Dynamics NAV
  • More than 18,000 end-customers around the world to
  • Available in more than 130 countries
  • They offer support for BC 14 (FOB), 21, 22 and 23 (APP), always aligned with Microsoft.


In this article we will focus on the new functionality Continia has implemented to automate the creation of suppliers and to be able to read lines and headers with AI.


| Document recognition with AI |

  • Handwritten or digitized.
  • Available only for BC on-premises and BC online, not available for OCR on-premises.
  • Automatic creation of supplier templates.
  • Automatic recognition of header fields and lines through AI.
  • Included in the Essential module + Manual recognition is still possible.

| Suppliers |

  • Automatic creation of templates on receipt of an invoice.
  • Recognition of data such as invoice number, date, due date, taxable amount, total amount, etc.

| Lines

  • Requires Advanced Capture module.
  • Selection in the Document Tab: AI or manual.
  • Manual recognition still possible and AI recognition can be overwritten with manual recognition.


Manual recognition is still possible and AI recognition can still be hammered with manual recognition.

| Other improvements in this version of Continia
  • Show original sender mail, in the Ready to Import window (Available for Cloud OCR).


  • Application:
    Assisted configuration: to be able to Select and Deselect EVERYTHING, saving time and making the tool easier to use.
    Deactivation when copying companies on-premise. All Continia solutions are automatically deactivated in the new copying company.
    In this way, we know whether documents arrive in one Continia environment or another, giving us more control and fluidity.


  • Possibility to report remaining pages in OCR.
    - They apply to ON-premise environments.
    - We can set a notification of the remaining limit of available pages.

There are 10,000 in OCR on-premise and 1000 in OCR cloud. 


Calculate IPNR manually?
Forget about it, with our solution you will be able to automate processes to present the tax liquidation to the AEAT.


  • Secure archiving. To comply with European regulations to store documents securely in digital format.
    This way, we know that the files have not been modified or manipulated, and if they have been, it will be recorded if "Activity Log" is selected in Document Capture.

Documents to which it applies:
- Invoices and purchase credits
- Downloaded digital documents
- Scanned
- Docs attached "Drag-n-Drop"


| Purchase contract. Through AI, the management of purchase contracts is optimised, reducing manual processes.
Detect the following patterns in your registered invoices:
- Supplier.
- Currency.
- Document date.
- Analysis of invoice lines.
- Account and Nº.
- Quantity.
– Document Journal.
- Unit cost.
- Amount.

| Test mode in production. A demo with a video guide has been made available for testing in production environments (Purchase Contracts module).

| Document viewer in General Journal + movements.

| Change imported amounts.

| Add fields in the headers that will allow filtering and sorting of up to 6 new fields.

| The words Workdate and Today are included.

| Automatic processing (or manual if required) of documents when moving from one company to another.

It is carried out:

  • Supplier identification.
  • Staff selection.
  • Field recognition.

Notification to administrators about pending documents. Periodic email alerts, automatic reminders, etc. can be incorporated.


If you are looking to implement Continia Document Capture, Adderit is your ally, contact us without obligation and we will give you a demo:

Telephone: Madrid 910 971 702 | Barcelona 938 323 134

Email: adderit@adderit.es

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