ERP for every business sector

Facilita el flujo de información entre las funciones de fabricación, logística y mucho más con un ERP a medida

Unique solutions for unique companies

We create and offer specific solutions to differentiate your company from the competition within your business sector. We leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and reduce the digital divide within your company.

ERP para sectores que se dedican a la distribución

ERP for distribution and warehousing

Dedicated solution for the logistics, distribution and warehouse management sector based on the software Business Central.

Allows efficient management of workflows, stocks, pick-ups or carriers, as well as the connection between your different warehouses or logistics centres regardless of their location, so that you can manage them efficiently, to have all the relevant data of your business quickly and centrally available. 

Improve the capacity management of logistics centres and make strategic decisions for your company. based on the data and information provided by the software, which is presented in a very intuitive and clear dashboard interface.

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ERP para sectores que se dedican a la industrialización y fabricación

ERP for industry and manufacturing

Improve and optimize the industrial and manufacturing processes of your company with a software specifically designed for this highly regulated sector. 

We use our experience in ERP implementations to implement an ERP system that is business management software that we design to meet the needs of companies involved in manufacturing and the supply chain.

Made for sectors such as:

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ERP para sectores que se dedican a la construcción

ERP for construction

Specific solution for construction companies that want to digitize all aspects that affect the planning and execution of a project or construction site and take advantage of the data from our software to optimize the different phases of the projects:

Control all aspects of your company's construction projects in a comprehensive manner. and track in real time for effective decision making.

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ERP para sectores que se dedican a la restauranción

ERP for food and beverage

We develop and implement enterprise resource management software (ERP) for the food and beverage industry.
We focus on the needs of companies in the industry that want to face a digitalization process.

With this software you will have both suppliers and customers organized to optimize order delivery times.

In addition, you will get a global view of the status of your finances in real time, where you will be able to manage invoicing, budgets and the status of collections at all times.

We are aware that within the food and catering sector there are many sub-sectors, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities, In Adderit we are committed to adapt our solution to each of them.

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ERP para sectores que se dedican a los servicios


Companies that work on a project basis or offer services require a exhaustive control of the processes and costs of each of its phases.

This is why Business Central is the best solution for integrating all important processes within the company: from human resources to cost control to customer relations.

In summary, to be able to manage and understand the basic business processes of your company and obtain relevant information to optimize processes within each of the departments of the company, for example, to manage budgets or invoices in an efficient manner.

At Adderit we take care of keeping your software up to date and we make the integrations and adaptations that are necessary to adapt it to your business model as much as possible.

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