Consulting ERP

We guide you during the selection and implementation of your ERP solution

If you are thinking that your company must face a digital transformation to optimize resources and costs, and this involves the implementation of ERP software, you are in the right place.

In Adderit we are experts in software of management and we present you a range of posibilities that we can adapt to your company by comparing prices, features and funcionsof each of them and choose the best option. We have established solutions outside the scope of Microsoft licences. that expand the possibilities of adjusting to the processes that your company carries out.

Choosin the right ERP is an important decision, as you will be choosing the software that will manage a large part of our company's activities, and will allow, to a greater or lesser extent, the optimization of resources and saving in fees and time.

At Adderit we analyze and evaluate each different department of your organization in order to detect where it is possible to optimize different aspects of your company's processes.

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The knowledge and tools provided by ERP consultancy will marc the future of your company

Developable software that allows you to continue to grow and add functionalities if your company grows and requires it.

It allows employees to perform tasks in a more organised and efficient way by customising them to your needs.

Guided process, we accompany you from consultancy to training and final implementation.

More efficient and faster task execution, allowing your team to focus on higher priorities.

With a customised ERP, you will make effective and profitable decisions by analysing metrics and real-time information on a regular basis.

How we work with our clients?

Our methodology is based on prior planning and the organisation of tasks and requirements in order to, thanks to our experience, support and guide our clients towards the approach of the solution that best suits their objectives.

> Study and analysis

We engage in the operation of your company to get to know the different departments and to detect in which processes relevant improvements can be made.

> Requirements

With the data obtained in the first phase, we study and list the needs we will have both in terms of resources and costs to implement the project

> Design

Working with a prototype solution, will make the necessary changes and share the design with the client so that they can contribute their part of the knowledge of the business.

> Implementation
We implement the ultimate solution by training the various departments concerned so that they can become self-sufficient

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