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Specially designed for collaborative groups and companies to store, organize and share information from anywhere.

We facilitate communication and document management

Demostración de Sharepoint en un ordenador y móvil
Demostración de Sharepoint en un ordenador y móvil

What is SharePoint?
A place where files, news and resources can be shared

Good communication directly influences the organizational climate, generates a high level of trust and credibility. It also supports good business management.

Using assertive technology tools can achieve group integration and improve results. If you are looking for a place for your employees to share files, news and resources, there is no better place than SharePoint of Microsoft 365.

With SharePoint you will be able to:

Creating a corporate social network: intranet y extranet.

Form group sites for specific projects involving only a few workers or all of them.

Develop websites, pages, document libraries and lists for sharing information within a company.

Speeding up processes by quickly locating documents or files.

With SharePoint you can foster collective workThe aim is to integrate teams and make the most of collective knowledge.

SharePoint allows you to manage and control workflows, monitor projects or approve processes remotely.

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Establishing controls, maintaining order and generating a good interaction with our employees is much easier thanks to SharePoint. These are the main advantages it offers:

Content management:
Store files or other content in the cloud for members of a company to access and keep up to date.

Easy access:
Designed for easy access from any mobile device or computer.

Efficient search system:
It includes an advanced search system to locate files or documents with great ease, with specific filters to speed up the process.

Transparent and coherent communication:
There will be no disjunctions about the information transmitted. The exchange of data between participants is recorded on the platform.

Encourages teamwork:
Documents can be edited by several users, work simultaneously, distribute tasks, organize activity schedules, deadlines for project delivery...

All documents and files can be securely stored in the SharePoint system. It allows the configuration of access and special privileges according to the level of workers.

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