Adderit IRPF
Personal Income Tax Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Say goodbye to the manual application of withholdings. Adderit IRPF calculates and applies the corresponding withholdings automatically

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    Why do I need a separate module for my Business Central?

    While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers comprehensive functionality for the financial management, does not natively include the estimation and accounting of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) withholdings..

    Para cubrir este vacío y garantizar el cumplimiento de las obligaciones fiscales en España, the implementation of a complementary application specialized in the management of personal income tax is required.

    Solution: Adderit IRPF >>

    Adderit IRPF

    The advanced module of retentions for Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows:

    • Estimate and account for personal income tax withholdings accurately and efficiently.
    • Generar los modelos fiscales requeridos por la Agencia Tributaria española (lista de modelos más abajo).
    • Maintain an up-to-date record of withholdings and payments made.
    • Facilitate automated filing of personal income tax returns.
    • Quick and easy implementation.

    Adderit IRPF generates the following tax forms:

    Necessary to prepare the forms required by the Spanish Tax Agency

    • Form 111: Withholdings and payments on account on income from work, professional activities, agricultural and livestock activities and prizes.
    • Form 115: withholdings and payments on account on income or yield from the letting or subletting of urban property.
    • Form 180: Annual summary of withholdings and payments on account on certain income or yields from leasing of urban real estate.
    • Form 190: Annual summary of withholdings and payments on account. Work income from certain economic activities, prizes and other income allocations.
    • Form 216: Withholdings and payments on account of income obtained without a permanent establishment.


    More information on models HERE

    What is subject to personal income tax

    • Professional activities.
    • Imputation of income from the assignment of image rights.
    • Capital gains.
    • Real Estate Capital.
    • Leasing of real estate.
    • Workers' pay slips.
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    Cómo funciona el módulo IRPF

    The module Adderit IRPF for Dynamics 365 Business Central complements the functionality of the system by allowing the calculation of withholdings on different tax concepts and the generation of integrated forms with the Spanish Tax Agency.

    For the correct operation of the extension it will be necessary to configure the table of "Withholding configuration", with the different types of withholdings to be used in the system.

    This will be based on information provided by the Tax Agency.

    Developed by and for users with:

    Adderit - ERP Consultants and App Specialists in Barcelona and Madrid that help you navigate the state tax system smoothly

    Advantages of implementing Adderit IRPF for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    • Optimisation of personal income tax management: Automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors and streamline processes.
    • Guaranteed tax compliance: Enables accurate and timely compliance with personal income tax obligations.
    • Improving financial efficiency: It provides accurate and up-to-date financial information on personal income tax withholdings and payments.
    • Cost reduction: It eliminates the need to use external services for the management of personal income tax.
    • Reduction of errors: by having software that does this automatically, you avoid errors and double charging.
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    Our rates

    First month free
    Then: 39€ per month

    or annual fee of 390€, 10% discount (prices excl. VAT)

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    How Adderit helps you

    We develop solutions for your needs

    Accompanies you during the implementation process

    Technical service at your disposal via mail and telephone pre and post implementation of the module

    We help you define your digital vision and develop a roadmap to achieve it.
    Guarantees compliance with tax obligations related to personal income tax, avoiding penalties and legal problems.
    Get a clearer and more accurate picture of your tax situation, making it easier to make strategic financial decisions.

    You can try the module for free for one month:




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    Our methodology is based on pre-planning and organising tasks and requirements in order to, using our experience, accompany and guide our clients towards the solution approach that best suits their objectives

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