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Quick and easy way to manage invoices and credit notes in PDF format with digital signature included

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    Mandatory electronic invoicing

    What does this means?

    The new law on Creation and Growth and e-invoicing

    El 15 de septiembre de 2022, el Congreso de los Diputados aprobó de forma definitiva la nueva Ley de Creación y Crecimiento de Empresas, también conocida como Ley Crea y Crece.

    This law obliges companies and freelancers to implement electronic invoicing in their entities.

    When does it become effective?

    Depending on the size of the company, different implementation deadlines have been foreseen:

    • Para las empresas que facturen más de 8M€ al año, en julio del 2024.
    • Para el resto de empresas, en julio de 2025.

    Adderit FacturaE

    The e-Invoice module for Dynamics 365 Business Central complements the functionality of the system by allowing you to export invoices and sales credits as XML files in Facturae version format and with the possibility of including a digital signature.  You can use the official validator available at the Facturae application site to validate the files.
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    Discover the advantages

    1. Efficiency and time saving: Automatiza la facturación y ahorra tiempo en gestiones.
    2.  Envía directamente las facturas y abonos: a la plataforma de FACe desde Business Central.
    3. Cost savings: Reduce gastos en papel, impresión, envío y almacenamiento físico.
    4. Speed in the payment process: It facilitates faster payments and improves cash flow.
    5. Menos errores: Minimiza errores en la entrada de datos y previene disputas.
    6. Tax compliance: Complies with tax and legal regulations, avoiding penalties.
    7. Access to real-time data: Te permite tomar decisiones informadas con la información más actualizada.

    Easy to install

    Our Adderit InvoiceE extension for Business Central is easy to install and requires no external support. Furthermore, we are committed to keeping it up to date and continuously improving it to meet the needs of all our customers.


    We offer quality, transparency and competitive prices:

    Flat rate: 9€ (up to 30 documents per month).
    From 30 documents per month, additional fees ranging from €0.30 (31-499 documents/month) to €0.01 (3,000-9,999 documents/month) per document apply.

    Para más información sobre nuestras tarifas y condiciones, no dudes en contactarnos en Estaremos encantados de proporcionarte todas las tarifas disponibles para cada tramo.


    [Prices excl. VAT]

    Our rates

    [Prices excl. VAT]

    0,30€ por documento.

    0,25€ por documento.

    0,20€ por documento.

    0,15€ por documento.

    0,10€ por documento.

    0,05€ por documento.

    0,03€ por documento.

    0,01€ por documento.

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    Characteristics of the module

    Save time and resources with Adderit InvoiceE:

    Export invoices and sales credit memos as XML files in Facturae format

    Exporta ficheros PDF con la firma digital incluida.

    Easy and quick start-up

    Save the cost of printing and sending paper invoices

    Signing invoices for sales, services, etc.

    Facilitates document storage and search.

    It provides current information to make informed decisions.

    We accompany you throughout the strategic process and through the requirements of the AEAT

    Our customers have already implemented it, ccontact us to integrate the Adderit InvoiceE solution:.




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    Module implementation process

    Our methodology is based on pre-planning and organising tasks and requirements in order to, using our experience, accompany and guide our clients towards the solution approach that best suits their objectives

    > Strategic consultancy

    We help you define your digital vision and develop a roadmap to achieve it.

    > Custom software development

    We create customized applications and solutions that meet your specific needs.

    > Technology implementation

    We help you integrate new technologies into your business efficiently and effectively.

    > Support and maintenance

    We offer you a comprehensive technical support service to guarantee the proper functioning of your systems.

    Find out more about managing e-invoicing in your ERP Business Central and how we can help you with the process, CONTACT US NOW today

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