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The automation that makes the big difference and transforms the entire organizational design for the better.


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Thanks to automation, productivity will no longer be an issue

Automating processes can make a big difference and can completely transform the way an organization is conceived.

We need to count upon a good team of people, make use of new technologies and activate different strategies in order to position ourselves as we intend to in the market.

In addition, automation is a concept that should not be ignored.

Use of technological and digital tools such as the Power Automate- is a decision that helps to save time and money, as well as speeding up the performance of multiple tasks in the financial and administrative field.

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Learn about the value of Power Automate

Trigger range:
Customize the trigger that starts each process flow. Add your own conditions to suit, for example instantaneous or manual start.

Flexible and no limits:
allows the user to automate processes without limitations on the number of steps to be incorporated and adapts to any scenario.

Intelligent process automation:
Based on individual needs, we can configure and modify our own workflows in order to achieve maximum optimization.

Interactive data connections:
Maintains direct connectivity with the cloud and use of connectors between applications.

Workflow distribution in a well-timed manner:
It facilitates the creation of successful process flows and the possibility to share different templates for optimal interaction.

Compatibility ensured:
Power Automate is a handy system, which aligns seamlessly with other applications such as Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Office 365, Power Apps, Azure and Dynamics 365.

How it works

The automation of actions is carried out in closed blocks. In each block, we configure the line of tasks that are necessary to carry out a specific process from start to finish.

Although each fulfills its role independently, blocks can be sinchronised with each other in case of a more complex process. It will be very easy to integrate services and collect interesting data for decision making.

Generally, they are used to design different type of flows:

Automated: It consists of a single or several sequences of tasks that are triggered to be executed after the activation of a certain event.

Commercial: A series of pre-defined steps to achieve a specific result.

Button: It facilitates the execution of tasks at any time and from any mobile device.

Scheduled: Configured to run automatically at a specific scheduled time.

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