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E-commerce integration (WooCommerce)

Connector between Navision / Business central and WordPress WooCommerce plugin.


The client wants to automate the data upload, and have the Business Central data appear in WooCommerce.




We have developed a connector between the ERP (Business Central) and WooCommerce, so that when you modify data in the ERP, they are updated in WooCommerce (rates, stock, entry dates...).

Next, WooCommerce orders are downloaded to Business Central.

Adaptations have also been made to the WooCommerce standard so that each customer can see their rates, adapting some controls to add products, rate schemes, discount management and generation of Excel with cart content, among other things.


Woo commerce offers many advantages:    

  1. Product catalog always up to date.  
  2. View available inventory.  
  3. Prices, offers, etc.  
  4. Helps avoid manual errors by being all in one place  
  5. Better customer shopping experience.  
  6. To be able to set rates and discounts for specific customers.  
  7. The customer master is synchronized.  
  8. Order and sales automation.  


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Telephone: Barcelona (+34) 938 323 134 | MADRID (+34) 910 971 702 

Email: adderit@adderit.es 

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Ecommerce integrado con tu Business Central-Adderit

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