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What Sharepoint is for

Si te preguntas qué es SharePoint y cómo te puede ayudar a tu empresa a crecer, aquí tenemos las respuestas


En pocas palabras: es una productivity tool.  

Furthermore, it is a software tool that allows to manage all the shared documentation and content between teams, which is possible thanks to be located in the cloud.  




  • Intranet or employee portalto carry out internal communications.  
  • Access for customers/suppliers, allowing us to control and centralize all the content we share externally.  
  • Document management, with electronic signature and workflows that will allow to control the life cycle of a document, approvals, signatures, etc. 


alt="Sharepoint main elements"


Other features:  

  • SharePoint + Office online   

Allows you to share documents with any customer, without the need for them to have Office installed on their computer.  

It is also not necessary to have a PC, since it is accessible from Smartphone, Tablet, MAC and, of course, from any browser.  

Furthermore, Office online is for free.  

  • SharePoint + Microsoft Teams  

Microsoft Teamsallows direct integration with SharePoint and therefore direct access to all information without the need to open a browser, enter the url and validate with username and password. 


Calculate IPNR manually?
Forget about it, with our solution you will be able to automate processes to present the tax liquidation to the AEAT.


Want to migrate your current SharePoint version? 

If you already use Microsoft SharePoint in your company, in Adderit offers customized migration and optimization services for these solutions.. 

  • Version migration: Updating the capabilities of the tool, and respecting the contents and information you already have. 
  • Migration of your SharePoint to the cloud: Within Office 365 and enabling considerable cost savings. 
  • Audit and optimization of your SharePoint platform: stabilizing and improving it. 


Contact us by this form and we will help you upload all the information you need to the cloud and understand how it works.

Want to learn more about this tool? Take a look HERE



Referencias: Microsoft SharePoint

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