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Adderit IPNR Business Central

Adderit IPNR and Business Central

Do you calculate the IPNR manually, have you not yet submitted the tax liquidation to the AEAT and do not know how to do it?

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What is the plastic packaging tax? non-reusable or IEPNR? (abreviado IPNR)

The excise tax on non-reusable plastic packaging is an indirect tax levied on the use in Spanish territory of non-reusable packaging containing plastic, whether it is presented empty or containing, protecting, handling, distributing and presenting goods. The tax, has come into effect on January 1, 2023.

Descubre el resto de información sobre el impuesto y a quién afecta en nuestra entrada al blog sobre IEPNR.



Don't forget:

Next July 1, IPNR product and movement records must be submitted.

You have to file the first 6 months and then either monthly or quarterly depending on how the VAT is paid.


Adderit IPNR

We have developed a fully integrated module to Business Central, an extension for your ERP that will make it easier for you to submit all the paperwork required by the AEAT on non-reusable plastic packaging.

Functions and characteristics:

  1. Easy to incorporate into your Business Central.


  1. Fully integrated with standard operations.


  1. Configuration of the plastic weights of the products for each of their units of measure.


  1. Traceability and tracking of sales and purchase operations affected by the tax.


  1. Calculation of the tax at any time on transactions already registered.


  1. Printing of informative certificates for your customers.


  1. Generation of all the necessary information for the presentation of the tax liquidation and the registry books to the AEAT.


A new circuit has been added to the intra-community purchaser circuit to allow the management of the IPNR for manufacturers:

1. Generation of transactions for tax settlement.

2. Generation of movements for stock declaration.

3. Accounting record of tax liquidation.

4. Export of files with the information to be submitted to the AEAT.

5. Repercussion of the tax to customers in the invoice.



All this and much more with our Adderit IPNR.

Contact us to see a Demo or download our app at AppSource to test the environment on your own.


Calculate IPNR manually?
Forget about it, with our solution you will be able to automate processes to present the tax liquidation to the AEAT.



Do you calculate the IPNR manually, have you not yet submitted the tax liquidation to the AEAT and do not know how to do it? 


You're on time and we've got you covered. 

Adderit IPNR es la solución que buscas. 



Choose the most comfortable option: 

  • Monthly: 99€ (+ VAT). 
  • Annual: 990€ (+VAT), RECOMMENDED.


If you are a Microsoft Dynamics partner and you are interested in our solution for your customers, request a quote now, we have specially designed rates for partners who want to distribute our solution.

Request a free demo now:

Telephone: Barcelona (+34) 938 323 134 | MADRID (+34) 910 971 702  

Email: adderit@adderit.es 


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¿El IPNR te preocupa?


El impuesto sobre plásticos no reutilizables ya ha entrado en vigor este 1 de enero.

Desde Adderit hemos desarrollado una herramienta única en el mercado para que puedas estar al día con la hacienda.

Nosotros te guiamos para que puedas registrar las operaciones que realices sujetas al nuevo impuesto
sin problemas ni contratiempos.