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Zebra scanners to improve warehouse management

Storage scanners are devices for scanning the barcodes of products and registering them in the management system. With the ERP Business Central, with our warehouse management system, you can integrate warehouse guns with the rest of your business processes, such as invoicing, inventory, logistics and customer service. So you can improve the efficiency, accuracy and traceability of your warehouse, reducing errors and operating costs.

At Adderit we specialize in the implementation of business management solutions based on Business Central. We accompany you throughout the process, from the analysis of your needs, the design of the solution, installation, configuration, training and support. We have extensive experience in warehouse digitalisation projects with warehouse guns and Business Central.


Optimizing warehouse management with Zebra scanners and Business Central

In today's dynamic business world, efficient warehouse management is essential to ensure smooth operations. In this context, the combination of Dynamics 365 Business Central and warehouse guns emerges as a powerful solution, and at Adderit we make sure to maximise the benefits of this implementation.

The challenge: organization and control of the warehouse

An illustrative success story is that of Antala.The company initially faced significant challenges in organising and controlling the warehouse. Inventory, order and stock management was complicated by manual processes, such as the creation of paper reports using Navision, which were time consuming and prone to human error.

Warehouse guns: digitization to avoid errors and facilitate changeovers

Warehouse guns, also known as Zebra scanners, are handheld devices that use barcode technology to capture product information.

Digitising the warehouse with these guns eliminated human error and made changeovers easier.


Calculate IPNR manually?
Forget about it, with our solution you will be able to automate processes to present the tax liquidation to the AEAT.


The Adderit solution: integration and homogenization

In Adderit, an application was developed integrated with warehouse scanners (Zebra) to standardize processes between the office and the warehouse. This provides two key advantages: ease of making changes and uniformity in the way of working. These achieved objectives streamlined processes and reduced stock errors for more than one client who has implemented it.

Tangible results: goodbye to paper and increased agility

The digitisation of the warehouse provides instant access to all necessary information and greater agility.

The warehouse gun displays not only the product, but also the quantity, shelf life and other crucial details and simplifies operations that were previously time-consuming and tedious.


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