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Webinar Adderit IPNR y Business Central

We're happy to share with you all the details of our recent webinar! Last May 25, we held a webinar where we presented Adderit's IPNR solution for Business Central Cloud.


We were fortunate to have the participation of our outstanding Consultant, Abel Robledo, who acted as speaker and shared his experience and knowledge on the subject. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for dedicating their valuable time to learn about our solution.

During the webinar, we had the opportunity to explore the key features and benefits of AdderitIPNR. This innovative solution is specifically designed to facilitate the calculation of the Tax on non-reusable plastic packagingproviding an efficient and accurate tool for companies.


Puedes ver el vídeo completo en nuestro YouTube channel, donde encontrarás la grabación completa. No dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros si tienes alguna pregunta o inquietud. 


Some of the topics covered during the event included:


1. Configuration of the IPNR module.

2. Configuration of the types of operation.

3. Configuration of master files: Products, Customers, Suppliers and Warehouses.

4. Operations affected by IPNR in sales, purchases and production.

5. Tax liquidation.



In addition, our module AdderitIPNR is available from AppSource, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app store. You can find more information and download the module through the following link.


And not only that, we offer a free 5-day license for you to try the complete module without restrictions. Take this opportunity to explore all the features and benefits offered by our IPNR solution.

For more details on Adderit IPNR and its integration with Business Central, we invite you to read our complete article HERE


Some of the questions that came up during the webinar that we thought were interesting to include:

1. How much does the Business Central module cost?

The price depends on whether you want a monthly or annual subscription:

Monthly: 99€.

Annual: 990€ (-10%).

You can also install the module for free from AppSource, by typing in the search engine Adderit. We offer a free 5-day license to test the complete module with NO restrictions.

Then you can contact us through the following e-mail address adderit@adderit.es to extend the license.


 2. If I install this module now, what happens to the transactions and operations I have performed during the year?

There is no problem because the generation of iepnr movements can be performed at any time at the user's request by simply executing the movement generation process indicating a period of dates. These iepnr movements are created from the product movements that have been created by the standard system in the requested period.


3. Is it possible to buy plastic from a national manufacturer, use this plastic to manufacture my products and then sell these products to the EU? In this case, it would be necessary to request the refund of the tax that the national manufacturer has charged me, model A22.

The case of refunds is not currently contemplated in the module. Our module is designed to facilitate the management of the liquidation of the tax to companies that are obliged by the AEAT to such liquidation. Conceptually, a company not subject to the tax will not install the module.

For any additional questions about this aspect, you can contact us via e-mail adderit@adderit.es 


4. Is there any file generated for the electronic filing of the tax?

Yes, csv format files are generated, both from the iepnr transaction screen and from the iepnr stock transaction screen by clicking on the settlement transaction or the closing transaction.  


5. If I need to present the declaration of the plastic in customs and the supplier does not inform it in packing list/invoice but for now he informs me of the kg, can I generate the document from the purchase delivery note as in the sale? In order not to do it by hand:

This is not currently included in the module. 


6. In the case that I buy in China (Export) I am introducing plastic in my country, it is necessary to configure it in the VAT reg groups? -> 

No, the tax in this case is paid with the SAD.


7. You indicate that it is for BC cloud, any plan for older versions?

At the moment it is not planned, we are focused on improving the SaaS version. In the future we do not rule out adding older versions.  


Calculate IPNR manually?
Forget about it, with our solution you will be able to automate processes to present the tax liquidation to the AEAT.


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If you have any additional questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. We will be happy to help you and provide you with the support you need.


We look forward to seeing you at our future events and sharing with you more details about our innovative solutions!



Adderit IPNR

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