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Webinar sobre las nuevas funcionalidades de la Wave 1 de Business Central 2023

Webinar Wave 1 2023 Business Central

This past July 13 we held another webinar with our exceptional speaker, Abel Robledo, a Business Central consultant with more than 25 years of experience in ERPs (or as they were called back then, "ERPs"). billing and accounting software)

The webinar was about the new functionalities added as an upgrade to Business Central Wave 1 2023: Analysis Views | Accounting Accounts Review

Summary of the webinar on 2 new features of Business Central: Analysis Views and Review of Accounting Accounts



What are these 2 new features?


Analysis views

Within the field of data management, information analysis is an essential task for gaining valuable knowledge and making informed decisions.

However, this procedure has often required the use of additional tools such as Excel or PowerBI to perform basic tasks such as counting records, aggregating amounts or calculating statistical values.

Now you can execute all these tasks directly from the movement screen, without the need to resort to other applications. This means you will be able to aggregate and analyze information quickly and efficiently, without interruptions in your workflow.


Do you need to count the number of records in your data?

Now it is as simple as selecting the desired view and you will get the count in seconds.

We tell you more about this new feature in our webinar LINK to video.


Review of Accounting Accounts

If you are a financial user of Business Central, you have probably been waiting for a long time for a feature that would simplify and improve the process of reviewing accounting accounts. The long-awaited one is finally here.

With this new functionality, you will be able to "dot" the accounting movements and verify their accuracy in an efficient way. This will allow you to double check your movements and avoid errors that may affect the reconciliation and, ultimately, the Balance Sheets or Profit and Loss.

The Accounts Review is an indispensable tool for any business that values the accuracy and completeness of its financial records. Not only will it help you avoid costly errors, but it will also save you valuable time when performing reconciliation and reporting tasks.

Full video in our YouTube channelwhere you will find the video with the explanation of both features.



1. Can the analysis view be used for Sales, Purchasing etc. or is it only available for products?

Yes, the analysis views are available both in the master files, such as products, customers, etc. and also in all the movement screens. They can be movements of sales, purchases, products, etc., if we have any custom module included (such as Adderit IPNR), that is to say, in any screen that is a list of movements, the analysis views will be included:


In case the Analysis Views functionality does not appear, you will have to activate the features.

To activate it, go to the feature managementselect the characteristic analysis mode and Enable it for all users in the Enabled forYou will be able to download it from Business Central and you will have it available. Here are the steps to follow:

Pasos a seguir para habilitar “Vistas de análisis” en Business Central

2. Is it included in the regular BC license and are there any additional costs?

There is no additional cost, it is included with both the Essential and Premium licenses. In the cloud versions of Business Central this functionality is available since the last updates of Wave 1 2023.

3. Is it possible to export to Excel a view as I see it in BC?
Yes, by right clicking on and selecting Export > Export to Excel in the totals line.

4. Which fields are available to me in the right bar, all the BC fields, do I have to ask you to publish fields there, can I do it myself?

All the fields you have in the list are available. If you need any more, you have to retrieve them with the Customize. If they do not exist, they have to be programmatically retrieved.

5. Can I generate x views, and then share them to other users? If yes, can I share them filtered by some concept? Ex: I have a customer sales analysis view, and I want to share the view to a salesperson, so that he can only see the same list filtered by his customers.

X views can be generated, but not shared with other users.

6. Can you provide our team with some kind of training on these new functionalities?

Yes, no problem at all. In case you need any training on either "Views of analysis" or "Review of accounting accounts", we will be happy to assist you.


Calculate IPNR manually?
Forget about it, with our solution you will be able to automate processes to present the tax liquidation to the AEAT.


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We look forward to seeing you at our future events and sharing with you more details about our innovative solutions!



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