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ERP Business Central Consultancy and Implementation

Business Optimization through ERP Consulting with Software as a Service (SaaS) – Business Central.


Efficient management of resources and business processes has become a priority for modern enterprises. In this context, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting emerges as an essential tool to optimize operational efficiency for businesses. In this article, we will explore our approach to this resource and our role as ERP Consultants.

But... What is an ERP?

It is a comprehensive enterprise resource management tool designed to optimize and coordinate various functions and processes within an organization.

Its main objective is to improve efficiency, decision-making and productivity by integrating and grouping data from different areas of the company on a single platform, unifying data from different departments in a centralized database.

In Adderit, we specialize in Navision/ Dynamics 365 Business Central. What is Dynamics 365 Business Central? >> > Discover the advantages of a Cloud ERP

Business Central Functional Modules

  1. Finance and Accounting: Management of financial transactions, budgets and accounting reports.
  2. Human Resources: Personnel administration, payroll, benefits and employee development.
  3. Inventory Management: Stock control, product tracking and supply chain optimization.
  4. Sales and Marketing: Sales automation, customer tracking and marketing data analysis.
  5. Production and Logistics: Production planning, quality control and supply chain management.
  6. Sales: Automation of purchasing, supplier tracking and cost analysis.


Discover all the advantages of Implementing ERP Business Central


How does an ERP Consultancy help you to make your business more efficient?

Adderit, as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, stands out for our commitment to excellence in the implementation of digital solutions and ERP is one of them. This strategic partnership ensures that we have access to the latest Microsoft technologies and best practices, thus guaranteeing our customers cutting-edge solutions.


The steps we follow have been specifically studied and designed to be adapted to the needs of each client.

Step 1| Research and Analysis: understanding the client's needs

The first step is crucial in any ERP Consultancy project - the detailed study and analysis of the client's company. In this process, Adderit immerses itself in the workings of each department, identifying significant areas of improvement. This meticulous approach allows us to understand the internal processes and design customized solutions.


Step 2| Requirements: Building the foundation for success

With the data collected in the initial phase, Adderit proceeds to study and list the requirements necessary for the implementation of the project. This analysis covers both the resources required and the associated costs. These elements are essential to establish a solid foundation to ensure the success of the project from the outset.


Step 3| Design: Perfect collaboration

The design of the solution is a crucial stage where Adderit works closely with the customer. A prototype of the solution is developed, allowing for necessary adjustments and encouraging the active participation of the client. The client's contribution to this process is vital, as they bring their knowledge of the business, ensuring that the final solution is fully aligned with business needs and goals.


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Step 4| Implementation: Empowering departments with autonomy

With the final design completed and approved, Adderit proceeds to implement the definitive solution. An outstanding focus of Adderit is comprehensive training for the various affected departments. This ensures that teams can operate autonomously as quickly as possible, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing adaptation time.


Antala Succes Story: A glimpse of tangible results

Antala, among Adderit's many satisfied customers, has experienced a positive change in its business operations. The implementation of ERP solutions has enabled Antala to optimize its processes, improve internal communication and increase overall efficiency. Read more on how it has improved productivity with ERP Business Central and Power BI. 

This success story highlights the ability to generate tangible results, improving efficiency, and productivity. By empowering departments with autonomy, our team not only implements advanced technological solutions but also ensures that organizations are prepared to operate efficiently in the long term.


WooCommerce and Business Central: An easy Integration

Adderit's Ability to Successfully Integrate WooCommerce with Microsoft Business Central it is a testament to Adderit's technical expertise and commitment to comprehensive solutions. This integration streamlines order management, inventory, and financial data, providing businesses with a unified and accurate view of their operations.

The successful integration of WooCommerce with Microsoft Business Central demonstrates its ability to address specific industry challenges and provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.


Microsoft Certifications

We belong to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, formerly called Silver or Golden partner, which no longer exist.

Nos hemos especializado en Small and Midsize Business Management (SMB Management) y  tenemos la designación de Business Applications.

Somos apenas 27 los Partners que tenemos esta designación y especialización de toda España, siendo Adderit, uno de ellos




To summarize, an ERP system is essential for companies seeking to integrate and optimise their operations.

With Adderit, you will be provided with a comprehensive and accurate insight into the functioning of an ERP to gain a competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment. We advise you at every step to ensure that your decisions have a positive impact on your business.

Through a methodical approach that spans from the initial study to effective implementation, the Adderit team stands out as a key facilitator in companies' journey towards operational excellence, with a holistic and collaborative focus.



Our customers are our best gift, but we can also be a good gift.

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