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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 2023

Get ready for Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 in 2023

The 2023 Wave 2 plan covers all new features planned to be delivered to the market from October 2023 to March 2024. In this article, you will find an overview of the product and what is new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central.



What's Business Central?

Business Central is a business management software (ERP), diseñado para organizaciones pequeñas y medianas (PYMES) que automatiza y agiliza los procesos comerciales. Altamente adaptable y rico en funciones, Dynamics 365 Business Central allows companies to manage their financials, supply chain, manufacturing, shipping, projects, services and more. Companies can easily add functionality relevant to their region of operation and customise the application to suit highly specialised industries.

Business Central is an ERP that is quick to implement and easy to configure, and simplicity guides innovations in product design, development, implementation and usability, and with a good IT partner, everything is much easier and more efficient.


Wave 2 Key Features >> >


1. Save Time and Effort in Launching New Products with Copilot


In this version, the aim is to bring Copilot al siguiente nivel.

More capabilities are provided for people to optimise their processes and complete tasks faster with Copilot guidance. Developers are already enjoying Copilot at Visual Studio Code and the AL experience, and there is more to come in that area.

1.1 Faster bank reconciliation with Copilot

Added value

While Business Central reduces hassle through automatic transaction reconciliationThe residual work to process unreconciled transactions each week remains cumbersome and quickly accumulates into lost working days. This is where Copilot comes in, reducing accounting work through improved transaction reconciliation and natural language explanation of proposed matches.


Functionality Details

The bank account reconciliation function in Business Central has been enhanced with:

1. Coincidencia de transacciones impulsada por IA

This feature uses artificial intelligence to to further improve automation and reduce unreconciled transactions that require human supervision. This means that the system is more effective in identifying matches between transactions, which reduces the manual workload for accountants.

2. AI-generated explanations

Copilot offers AI-generated explanations of how the remaining transactions could be matched. This makes it easier for accountants to complete the task of reconciling accounts by simply reviewing and approving suggested matches.

Incorporating artificial intelligence into this Business Central function not only saves time and effort, but also improves accuracy and efficiency in the bank reconciliation process. Accountants can have a smarter and more effective tool to carry out this crucial task, which in turn allows the company to use its resources more effectively in other areas. With Copilot, the bank account reconciliation process becomes more streamlined and accurate, resulting in a more efficient workflow and fewer days lost due to unreconciled transactions.


Key improvements |

  1. Se ha mejorado la capacidad de consolidar datos financieros y participar en asociaciones intercompañías para múltiples empresas en múltiples entornos de Business Central.
  2. The time needed to onboard new customers has been reduced.
  3. It is easier to understand why certain errors occur, and the messages suggest ways to solve the problem and continue working.
  4. Usability is always a focus, and this version increases efficiency when working with lines in documents by entering key hints for faster keyboard access.
  5. A capability has also been introduced that allows you to glance at editable fields to get a quicker overview of the data without the need to drill down.

It is investing in productivity by allowing consultants and developers to launch the Visual Studio Code editor, or a debugger linked to the source code in the GitHub repository, directly from the Business Central web client.


2. Faster with Microsoft Power Platform

Mejorando la forma en que Business Central se integra con Power Platform, enfocándose en dos áreas principales:


  1. Users and decision-makers: how they experience Power Automate approval flows. More actions are being added to the connector, support for external business events and additional templates for automated flows using Teams.
  2. The Power BI embedding experience: providing additional control capabilities for end users exploring Business Central's capabilities, as well as for partners offering dashboards and contextual reporting.

In addition, they are enhancing the dynamic capabilities to integrate Power Platform with Business Central online.


Key improvements |

  1. Change change limits to trigger mass flows and updates
  2. Supporting business events in the Business Central connector for Power Automate
  3. Enable virtual tables specific to the connect to Dataverse
  4. Get control over how you view embedded Power BI content
  5. Creating consolidated Power Automate flows from Business Central templates
  6. Simplified Power Automate approval flow experience

3. Application

It continues to expand and improve the areas where we started work in the first Wave 2023. 

In this version, the following are introduced a number of new supply chain-related features that add efficiency, agility and accuracy to the way you manage products in your warehouse. You can now access detailed information on the availability of inventory levels, locations, processing stages and other factors affecting quantities on hand. In addition, you have the possibility to configure the appropriate level of warehouse handling independently for inbound, outbound and internal process flows.

Business Central suggests the most appropriate container for products in basic warehouse configurations, and you can edit data in product journals and Excel warehouse worksheets.

Finally, you will receive suggestions on orders ready to be handled, which will help reduce the risk of partial shipments, ensure that production or assembly orders do not get stuck and improve customer satisfaction.


Key improvements |

  1. Adding more columns to pages for better information
  2. The availability overview helps to calculate the quantities in the warehouse.
  3. Set up the correct level of management for different warehouse operations
  4. Performing financial consolidations in multi-company environments
  5. Edit item journals and warehouse spreadsheets in Excel
  6. Increasing productivity by approving and entering timesheets
  7. Identify and track items more easily with your references
  8. Improved processes for inventory counts and adjustments
  9. Include approvals for general journals of linked companies in workflows
  10. Conduct transactions between related companies in Business Central environments
  11. Suggest next step for sales and production orders
  12. Synchronise documents and publication dates for sales and purchases
  13. Shopify integration troubleshooting
  14. Ease of use improves warehousing, inventory and traceability
  15. Suggestions for targeted selection and placement in basic warehouse configurations
  16. Using general ledger allocations to allocate costs and revenues more efficiently


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4. Country and region

Reaching more countries and regions, now available in more than 130 countries and regions. In addition, in those countries where Microsoft assumes responsibility for localisation, it provides all necessary regulatory updates.


Key improvements |

  1. New layout for the language and region settings of the report
  2. Advance payment and preview of posting of tax documents - Czech Republic
  3. Direct transfer - Czech Republic
  4. Electronic submission of VAT returns in Denmark
  5. Indications of accounting of related companies in the Czech Accounting Work Area
  6. New intrastat - Czech Republic
  7. Registration and notification functionality for Denmark
  8. Icelandic localisation application - offshoring
  9. E-invoicing with NemHandel in Denmark
  10. More countries and regions are served


5. User experience

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides its users with a wide range of interfaces that allow them to work with their data from anywhere and on any device. Whether you need to enter data quickly, update entries informally or analyse relational data, Business Central offers numerous features that are easy to use and powerful when you need them.


Functionality Details |

In this 2023 release, they aim to further improve efficiency when working with actions in lists of records and when displaying summary data. This will make it easier to correct data entry errors and make your user experience even smoother and more productive.


Key improvements |

  1. Add existing table fields to optimise your pages
  2. Access data search from anywhere in Business Central
  3. Distinguish between browser tabs when multitasking
  4. Managing user expectations with context-based targeting actions
  5. Have a look at the summary data of editable fields
  6. Scanning barcodes with the Business Central mobile app for iOS and Android
  7. Search pages and data in the mobile application
  8. Using actions to navigate or correct errors from the online validation dialog box

6. Development

It has moved completely into Visual Studio Code, where it continues to invest in areas that improve developer productivity, modernising the dependent extension testing processes by ensuring that AL GO can handle these tests for clients, VARs and ISVs that manage dependencies. All required tests are run on the latest versions of ISV applications without manual intervention.


Key improvements |

  1. Vender aplicaciones de Business Central a través de AppSource
  2. Get preview versions of AL VSIX in Visual Studio Code Marketplace
  3. Open Visual Studio Code from the web client to investigate or troubleshoot extension issues
  4. Disable data analysis mode on pages and queries
  5. Use the built-in rich text editor for data entry
  6. New SecureText string type for storing secrets of variables that must not be debugged
  7. Segmenting AL code and reducing name conflicts with namespaces


7. Reporting and Data Analysis: Boosting Business Performance

Quick access to valuable information about your business performance. The Power BI experience features new and improved reporting and enhanced analytics mode capabilities, allowing you to perform on-the-fly embedded analytics with your data. You'll be more productive if you don't have to switch to another application to get the information you need.


8. Service and Platform

Users experience fewer interruptions, Business Central generally feels faster, and web services and certain scenarios are noticeably more efficient. They continue to invest in performance, stability, resource management, security and compliance. This approach allows Business Central to continue to grow in line with customer needs.

With these improvements in accessibility and speed, Business Central helps you make informed decisions more efficiently and keep your workflow uninterrupted.


9. Management and administration 

Business Central offers a set of additional self-service features to help administrators manage administrative rights.


Key improvements |

  1. Granular administration as Dynamics 365 Business Central Administrator.
  2. Improved update release processes.
  3. Cancel Cloud Migration replication runs.

10. Legislation

This version offers new audit formats for digital reporting, such as SAF-T in Denmark and FAC for France, and improved support for e-invoicing and local legislation.

Improvements of note |

  1. Digital seats.
  2. Direct shipments in Intrastat triangular trade.
  3. The electronic document core as a global solution.
  4. Large companies to report payment times.


11. Productivity with Microsoft 365

Improving the efficiency of collaborative business processes at Microsoft Teams investing in the ability to expand a card without installing the application Teams de Business Central. 

Improvements of note |

  1. Improvements to the Excel Add-in


12. Reporting and data analysis

More capabilities to the analysis mode, enriching reports and an overview that allows you to explore all reports in Business Central.


Improvements of note |

  1. Analysing, grouping and dynamising data in queries using multiple tabs
  2. Easily discover the content of reports and data analysis

We have tried to summarise all the improvements that have come with this new wave of Business Central. In the coming weeks, we will be running more information pills and webinars to keep you up to date with all the new features.




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